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World of Warplanes Dated For September

World of Warplanes Screen 1

Wargaming have announced that their Arial combat title World of Warplanes will release in September next month after being in an open beta stage for the past two months.

World of Warplanes Release Date
World of Warplanes Release Date

There’s almost been 3 million gamers who’ve already signed up for the beta, which has had more than 202 million epic battles already to date. When it arrives, the game will have more than 100 different planes for players to choose from.

The title is from the same creators of the World of Warships and World of Tanks franchises. Check out the brand new screenshots and trailer that goes alongside the news of the release date being revealed below.

World of Warplanes fly’s it’s way to CIS territories on Sept 25th, and one day later in North America and Europe on the 26th Sept 2013.

The video is courtesy of VG247’s YouTube channel and can be viewed below, where you can also leave your comments on this story.

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