The PS4 Automatically Downloads Remote PSN Purchases

PS4 Downloads

All PlayStation Network purchases that are made through a users Smartphone will automatically be downloaded by a clever sleeping PlayStation 4 console, and it’ll even turn on the power-save feature one the installation has been successfully completed as well.

PS4 Downloads
PS4 Downloads

Shuhei Yoshida who’s the executive boss of SCE Worldwide Studios made the announcement via his personal Twitter account, the tweet can be viewed below.

@SyriasSerj When you buy a PS4 game on smartphone, it will wake your PS4 up to start downloading the game. PS4 goes back to sleep after that

— Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp) August 27, 2013

The Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms in the past have allowed a remote buying of network contents from webportals, that were accessible from a mobile browser, but none of them were optimised to give the go-ahead for an immediate download and then either of the consoles going back to sleep to save important power.

It was revealed recently that the PS4 will not require a PS Plus subscription to record your gameplay which pleased fans of the Sony console franchise.

We’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft’s Xbox One console has the exact same feature or not, they’ll be fully aware of the PlayStation 4’s ability to use this feature, but whether or not Microsoft decide to implement this tool themselves, remains to be seen.

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  1. Omigosh, it’s officially the future! Very cool. I hope the Xbox One will have this feature as well.

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