Nintendo To Expand Into Mobile Gaming


Some interesting developments have been going on at Nintendo recently, if you hadn’t heard, last week Nintendo made an announcement that they would finally commence expanding into mobile gaming. As a result it, could well be the case quite soon that people will be able to play iconic games like Super Mario Bros. on their smartphones.

Which is fantastic news for anyone who grew with the old school Mario games in the 80’s and 90’s. Expect the number of ‘sick days’ to rise exponentially if we do see the release of classics like Super Mario Bros. or even Mario Kart for your phone, as we see geeks the world over explode in a nerdgasmic euphoria!


Either this or we’ll find employees taking an unusually long time when they go to the bathroom. A study from mobile gaming site Fortune Frenzy released two years ago found that a staggering 53% of the respondents in the survey admitted to using their phone at work whilst they should have been working. The majority of whom take the opportunity to do so when they are on the toilet. Expect this number to rise fast!

Nintendo Partnership with DeNA Co.

Nintendo are to partner up with mobile gaming company DeNA Co. to develop their ‘gaming applications’ for smartphones and other non-console devices as was reported in the Wall Street Journal. It’s a surprise that Nintendo haven’t made this move sooner. Although the company has on numerous occasions in the past that it wouldn’t make mobile a core part of its business strategy. However, mobile gaming has become vastly popular in recent years, last year HIS data demonstrated that games apps were worth $26 million in consumer spending globally.

Moreover, a lot of their older classic games could easily work very well on a mobile platform. The number of people who grew up with these games who would surely love to play them again on their phones and tablets will be easily into the millions worldwide.

It must be said though that Nintendo haven’t released much information about what kinds of games we might see in mobile form, and therefore, there is no guarantee of seeing some of the old classics being brought out. Moreover, there is no mention of when the first mobile Nintendo games will be release, so in the meantime, here are a couple of sites that one can try out for retro games online.

What’s your take on this move by Nintendo, do you think it is a good move into mobile gaming?

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  1. Finally Nintendo games on Mobile Devices! Can’t wait for more pokemon or even Zelda apps! 😀

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