Disney's Planes Wii U Review

Disney’s Planes Wii U Review

The Disney’s planes Wii U title is a game, which takes it’s player to a high-flying, full of fun, action packed mission with Dusty included in the video game. It’s completely inspired by Disney animations and comedy films. In the game, Dusty is a crop duster with a big heart and speed loving; who takes…

Spartucus Legends PS3 Review

Spartacus Legends PS3 Game Review

Spartacus Legends is one of the unique fighting games that has been recently launched and is based on an international hit series. The game features some of the most popular characters from the TV series. It also features numerous ruthless weapons that can be combined to form a robust skill system. The game delivers many…

Soul Sacrifice PS Vita Review

Soul Sacrifice PS Vita Review

Soul Sacrifice is a brand new PlayStation Vita video game from Megaman’s creator Keiji Inafune released on April 30th, 2013. This gripping monster hunting game follows a beautifully bizarre story line about a insane sorcerer who’s destroying the world. The character you begin with in the game is a prisoner who’s waiting to be executed….