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Video Game Deals of the week

Get £13 to £16 off BioShock Infinite at Amazon Today

Amazon are doing a special deal today on the hugely successful BioShock Infinite game. The Gold Box deal of the day sees the downloadable PC versions get a whopping £16/$25 off! The fully boxed units of the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions are £13/$20 off for today only. So if you want to take […]

Call of Duty Ghosts Preveiw

Call Of Duty: Ghosts, What We Know So Far

The Call of Duty game series has been entertaining us immensely since its inception in 2004. Being one of the most entertaining and immersing first person shooter games in its genre, it won millions of hearts worldwide. All the three main series – World War II, Modern Warfare and Black Ops – met with rave […]

Battlefield 4 Info

Battlefield 4 What We Know So Far!

With the huge success of Battlefield 3, it was a sure shot that EA would have Battlefield 4 ready to rival the next Call of Duty. So with no real surprise Battlefield 4 was officially announced after a little teasing of the impending title. So the big question with every sequel is how does it […]

Channel 4 Gets UK Draw Something TV Game Show

Channel 4 has finally secured the deal to televise the hugely popular Zynga app (Draw Something) today. The app will now be turned into a game show and be given time to get some all important viewers and ratings. The new game show is expected to be called “Draw It” and will involve one contestant […]

Redbox Instant

Redbox Instant Streaming App Arrives on Xbox Live

Microsoft have have revealed a totally new service that will be available on Xbox Live now. Redbox Instant which is by Verizon, will let you rent or buy DVD or Blu-Ray titles through Xbox Live. If you subscribe to their service, you’ll get a one month free trial to test the service out to see […]

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Tips

Mass Effect 3 Online Multiplayer Tips

Survival and mission completion are the climax of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer online game. To achieve this, players must overcome and kill various enemies involved in the play. Mass Effect 3 enemies are classified into Reapers, Cerberus and Geth. The following are the most important Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer tips that guarantee players’ survival […]

Some Useful Crysis 3 Multiplayer Tips

THE ACTUAL MODES Seeker – Distinctive Viral dependent game setting with 5 models. A arbitrarily chosen group of 2 Hunters. armed along with Bows as well as infinite stealth energy need to eliminate CELLULAR Operatives who’ve crash landed within the level. The actual CELL possess one goal, to attempt to survive till their EVAC occurs. […]

Essential Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Tips

Welcome to the adrenaline pumping game arena of black ops 2. As an amateur you know how well you understand the game. You may be having difficulty playing, or you may lose each time you play the game, so here are some black ops 2 tips to make you play better. 1) Call of duty […]

FIFA 14 Lille Player Face Capture

The EA Sports capture team had previously made a trip to French outfit and Ligue 1 team Olympique Marseille. Now EA have headed over to Lille to capture some of their teams faces to put into the new FIFA 14 game that is set for release this fall. The player face capture uses 360 camera […]

FIFA 14 Cover Predictions

So we thought we’d start a post on who our readers think will join Lionel Messi on the next cover for the FIFA football video game series. The upcoming game (FIFA 14) will see Lionel Messi on the front cover once again as he signed a multi-year deal with EA last year. Messi will be […]