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Minecraft Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Sales Pass 6 Million Mark For Minecraft

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has passed the 6 million mark in terms of overall sales figures. The Windows PC version has a staggering 9.9 million users as well. The Android and IOS pocket editions of the sandbox indie game have also sold 5 million copies of the game too. The sub-total figure of […]

Payday 2 Out in the Summer

Overkill Software have today revealed that Payday 2 will launch this summer (2013) on the PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The first game titled Payday: first heist was originally launched only on the PC and PS3 back in 2011. The game developers have said that this new game takes the Payday series to a […]

Battlefield 4 May Appear at the GDC

Electronic Arts might be teasing gamers with a little taster of a possible Battlefield 4 game at the upcoming GDC event. According to the game news site IGN, the curious color pallet actually looks a lot similar to a Battlefield type design. The gaming news site have received a personal invite to the Game Developers […]

New Call of Duty Game Confirmed For This Year

Activision have confirmed that a new Call of duty game will come out this year in 2013. There are various rumours on the net sufficing that it could be Modern Warfare 4. The game publishers have said that the new title will not be as successful as last years COD: Black ops 2. The Call […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Invites Announced

The Elder Scrolls Online beta invited will be sent out later this month (March 2013) to all gamers that have applied. Game developers Bethesda made the announcement today and if you are one of those that want to apply, you can do so here. The Elder Scrolls Online will officially launch and be live later […]

Get The Latest FIFA 14 News With Us

Over the course of the next year, we are going to commit to bringing our readers and subscribers the very latest news on the upcoming FIFA 14 football game. EA have confirmed that it will be out in either September or October at the end of 2013. Until then though, we are the best place […]

FIFA 14 Confirmed For The PS4

We have inside information that suggests the upcoming FIFA 14 football game will be coming to the new PlayStation 4 at the end of this year. EA have said that they are working to no end at the moment on bringing the famous football game to the new console in time for both respected releases. […]

Destiny Confirmed For The PlayStation 4

The hugely anticipated video game that everybody is talking about has been confirmed for the upcoming PlayStation 4 console. Destiny will also be released on the Sony PlayStation 3 aswell. Bungie who will develop the new game, are the the original creators of the Halo series. So the same sort of concept can be expected […]

WWE Video Game Publishers Announced

There’s good news for all you World Wrestling Entertainment fans and gamers out there. We all know about the previous game developers (THQ) going into administration and folding. What we didn’t know was who would take over the reigns and continue to produce the WWE video game series. Now that has all been taken care […]

Heavy Gear Assault Is Coming To The PC

Heavy Gear Assault will be on it’s way to a proper console in the form of the PC providing that donations from fans of the franchise reach £400,000 soon. The developers (MekTekStudios) are behind developing the popular multiplayer killing game. The aim of the game is to do battle in arena type environments and combat […]