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Drive Club PS4

Driveclub Montage Video, Showcases PS4 Gameplay

Evolution Studios who’re the developers behind upcoming racer Driveclub have been spending this week producing a variety of video clips that show the cockpit view of the driver to tease PlayStation 4 owners before it’s long awaited release. One particular YouTube user has compiled a video montage that shows all the clips in one simple […]

Deep Down Screen 3

PS4 Exclusive (Deep Down) Shows-Off 3 New Screens

Yoshinori Ono from Capcom has unveiled three brand new screenshots for upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Deep Down. There’s not a lot of news or information on what exactly the game is about as of yet, but more is set to be revealed in the coming months ahead. What we know about it so far though, […]

PS4 Camera

PlayStation Camera Video Confirms PS4 Voice Recognition

Sony Computer Entertainment have confirmed that the PlayStation 4′s new camera will in-fact have the voice recognition feature implemented into it. A Sony Computer Entertainment Europe spokesperson chatted to Eurogamer and said: We can confirm that PS Camera does allow voice recognition. We will share more details on this shortly. Sony gave a presentation and showcased the brand […]

PS4 Exclusive Content

Sony Gain 21 Publishers For Exclusive PlayStation 4 Content

SCE America were at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas this weekend providing a presentation that would please all you hardcore PlayStation fans. They unveiled a list of 21 publishers that have committed to providing Sony’s next-gen console with exclusive content on their video games. This comes just after the Xbox One got quite a few […]

War Thunder CGI-Trailer

New War Thunder CGI-Trailer Surfaces

Gaijin Entertainment have released a brand new trailer for their free-to-play aerial MMO-combat title War Thunder today! The video is entitled “War Thunder Heroes” and is basically a cinematic version instead of the same old gameplay footage that seems to be surfacing. The promotional trailer shows some fantastic visuals, even if they’re all cut-scenes taken from […]

Hotline Miami 2 Hard Mode

Hotline Miami 2 To Include Unlockable Hard Mode

If you wouldn’t have found it extremely challenging and difficult already, Hotline Miami 2: Wong Number is to have a new hard mode included as an unlockable feature Dennaton Games have revealed. The developers are also chatting about creating some characters that will have a bit more personality too. A team member of Dennaton called […]

PS4 Official Release Date

The Official PS4 Release Date Is Revealed At Gamescom

The official PlayStation 4 release date was revealed by Sony’s Andrew House during the company’s gamesom 2013 press conference this afternoon. He also discussed details on other cool facts such as, well over 1 million people have already pre-ordered the next-gen console to date, and the console will be launching in over 32 countries this […]

PlayStation Comparison

New PS4 Graphics Comparison Montage Shows Visuals Difference

Having a scroll around on YouTube today brought us to a new video montage where Sony’s PlayStation Access compare video games visuals starting from the first original PlayStation, leading up to the upcoming PS4. it shows the visuals from all four formats and does a comparison on just how far the console has come since […]

Tomb Raider 2 News

Tomb Raider 2 Confirmed For Next-gen Consoles

A sequel has been officially confirmed for the hugely successful Tomb Raider reboot which was developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. Phil Rogers, who’s the CEO for Square Enix in the Americas and Europe revealed the news via a blog post yesterday. After mentioning in the post about next-gen versions of Thief […]

PS4 Friends List

Sony Increase PS4 Friend List To 2,000

Compared to the awful 100 for the PlayStation 3, the new PS4 will be capable of adding up to 2,000 players to your friends list. Both of the Xbox 360 and PS3 friends list was not good enough, with the maximum of only 100 friends being allowed to be added to each of the respected […]