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New Steam Controller

The Valve Steam Controller Is Unveiled, More At GDC

Valve has recently revealed that they are working on various prototypes for the latest Steam controller, and they’ll become available for the public to view them once they are on display in the company’s booth at the GDC event. A description of the new controller is as follows: refines ergonomic aspects of the Controller by adding two diamond-patterned […]

War Thunder CGI-Trailer

New War Thunder CGI-Trailer Surfaces

Gaijin Entertainment have released a brand new trailer for their free-to-play aerial MMO-combat title War Thunder today! The video is entitled “War Thunder Heroes” and is basically a cinematic version instead of the same old gameplay footage that seems to be surfacing. The promotional trailer shows some fantastic visuals, even if they’re all cut-scenes taken from […]

Where is My Heart

Where is My Heart Hits Mac, PC Next Month

The PSN hit Where is My Heart will finally make it’s way to the Mac and Windows PC in September next month. The developers Die Gute Fabrik revealed via their blog, that it’ll also be arriving on Linux not that long afterwards as well. The puzzle-platformer will also become available on both the Humble Store and Steam. […]

Worms Clan Wars Screen 7

Worms Clan Wars Hits Steam

Worms: Clan Wars publisher and developer’s Team 17 have announced that their strategic PC exclusive title is now available to download via Steam. Clan wars has the classic 2D gameplay, whilst also offering fantastic lighting effects and high definition 3D visuals. The game offer more customisation items, weapons, larger landscapes and dynamic water than ever […]

Amnesia A Machine For Pigs

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs For PC & Mac Dated

Frictional Games and The Chinese Room have confirmed that their survival horror Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, will land on PC and Mac on September 10th next month. It is the sequel to the hugely successful Amnesia: The Dark Descent and uses the HPL Engine 2. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs will have a totally […]

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ Arrives On Steam Next Month

The Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ will be arriving on Steam as early as next month Namco Bandai have announced. If gamers pre-purchase the title via Steam, they’ll get the “All You Can Eat Add-on Pack” completely free. The add-on pack contains the following features and benefits: Pac is Back Set: Transport all your courses into […]

Guncraft Game

Guncraft Now Available Via Steam

Reverb Publishing and Exato Game Studios have announced that their first-person shooter (Guncraft) is now available to download via Steam. The game has creative building features, eight rich gameplay modes, and community participation. It’s up for a sale price of only £9.50/$14.99, which is great value for money. The great thing about Guncraft, is the […]

Mark of The Ninja

Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC Out Next Week

The Mark of the Ninja Special Edition Downloadable content pack will be released on Xbox Live and Steam next week. Make sure that you put down August 16th down in your diary if you’re interested in acquiring it, because that’s the date that Eurogamer have said the Klei Entertainment DLC title add-on is out. The […]

Payday 2 Release Date

All The Payday 2 Release Dates Announced

Overkill Software have just revealed all of the Payday 2 release dates for Steam and all the other major platforms. They tweeted the news to all of their followers on the social networking website Twitter. The Tweet that they sent via their feed can be viewed below. PAYDAY 2 release date confirmed! PAYDAY 2 will […]

Bioshock Infinite Mac

BioShock Infinite Heading To Mac Late August

BioShock Infinite is heading to the Mac at the end of this month Aspyr Media have announced. The exact date is August 29th, and it’ll include controller support, Columbia’s Finest expansion and Steam Play too. The recently announced The Clash in the Clouds downloadable content will also be made available either close the the launch, […]