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We thrive in giving out the very latest games news on a regular basis through our website blog. You can be sure that everyday you visit us, we’ll give you all the timely news on your favourite gaming titles. Including release dates, unlockables, special trailers, exclusive images and much more.

At GLN we have a tight group of writers who’s specialty is writing about various different types of games. So you’ll always be in the know when you search our site for what you’re looking for.

The information that will be fed to you will be 100% accurate and factual all the time. We have a massive ambition to become the leading gaming website that offers the latest news to our readers and blog subscribers. You can join our website easily by clicking on the follow icon which is displayed around every page on the site.

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Stephen Dove

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10, Cranesbill Place


Milton Keynes



United Kingdom

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Contact Email: gameslatestnews@gmail.com

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