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Terraria Screen 3

Terraria Arrives On iOS, Pricing & Features Detailed

Publisher 505 Games have released Terraria on iOS, and we’ve got all the pricing and features information here all in one place. It’s going to be compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. 505 Games also revealed that gamers can acquire the action-adventure/RPG indie title from the app store for as little as £3.99/$6. Terraria has been […]

Gran Turismo 6 Box Art

Sony Unveil Gran Turismo 6 Box Art

After the full version game was announced for a December 6 release date on the PlayStation 3 yesterday, Sony haven’t stopped there! They’ve now unveiled the standard and Anniversary box art for both of the editions. Each of the brand new designs can be seen at the bottom of this page, so skip to there […]

Channel 4 Gets UK Draw Something TV Game Show

Channel 4 has finally secured the deal to televise the hugely popular Zynga app (Draw Something) today. The app will now be turned into a game show and be given time to get some all important viewers and ratings. The new game show is expected to be called “Draw It” and will involve one contestant […]

Sony Launch New YouTube App

Sony Computer Entertainment have officially launched a brand new YouTube app for their PlayStation 3 console. The application is available in various European countries, aswell as New Zealand and down under in Australia. The app can be located on the my channels tab which you have to be signed into your YouTube account to use […]

Ubisoft Announce Far Cry 3 Outpost Smartphone App

Ubisoft have announced today that there will be a Smartphone app for their successful video game Far Cry 2. The app will be called (outpost) and gamers can download it right now on the IOS and Android. Using this very smart mobile application you will be able to actually decode the encrypted data from the […]