Channel 4 Gets UK Draw Something TV Game Show

Draw Something

Channel 4 has finally secured the deal to televise the hugely popular Zynga app (Draw Something) today. The app will now be turned into a game show and be given time to get some all important viewers and ratings.

The new game show is expected to be called “Draw It” and will involve one contestant against a fellow celebrity. All that both contestants have to do, is complete all three rounds of the drawing challenges that will be thrown their way. The winners will then receive a prize at the end, and the losers will go home empty handed.

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There’s also expected to be some kind of application to be released for the game show as well. This will enable people watching on at home to take part and play along in the comfort of their own living rooms. The other popular game show that Channel 4 runs called “The Million Pound Drop” also has an app feature for people to play.

So it’s not as if Channel 4 have never done anything like this before, and you can expect to see an app released along with the game show launch day. Sony Pictures Television distributed the international format. Now the deal has gone to Channel 4 production in the UK, the show will be produced by Victory Television via Channel 4.

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OMGPOP who were the Draw Something developers, sold their company to Zynga lasy year for $200 million. The Draw Something app for Android and IOS has been downloaded over 100 million times to date.

Draw Something

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