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Xbox One Hardware Issues

Claim Your Free Game, If You’re An Xbox One Owner Affected By Hardware Issues

For any of the Xbox One owners out there, this post will most definetely interest you, especially if you’ve been the victim of the recent troubled hardware issues that the next-gen machine has been having. Microsoft have decide to act in more ways than one, they’re not just contempt with fixing the error, but they […]

Game Trade-in

UK Retailer GAME Announce £40 Next-gen Trade-in Deal

All major GAME stores right across the UK are now offering a type of trade-in deal where gamers can get £40 on particular PS3 and Xbox 360 current-gen titles when they decide to upgrade to next-gen editions of the same games. Just some of the more notable titles that are included in this deal are Call […]

Assassins Creed Series Sale

Massive Assassin’s Creed Series PSN Sale, Details Inside

Sony Computer Entertainment have launched a gigantic Assassin’s Creed series sale for the PlayStation Network that includes the PS Vita, PSP and PS3. All the following offers are for European and Australian region gamers and will last up until next Friday, and they’ll start this evening Friday 30th August 2013. You can have a look […]

FIFA 14 Deals

Buy FIFA 14 Cheap On PS3 or Xbox 360 At Gamestop

The upcoming FIFA 14 game can be obtained on a really cheap deal from Gamestop, as they’re offering it for £5.97, as long as you trade in two video games that are from the approved list of a massive 156 titles. Gamers can still order the football/soccer title for the usual £39.97 price, and it’ll be shipped and […]

Dead Rising 2 Xbox Live Deal

Dead Rising 2 Free For All Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

As part of the “Games For Gold” promotion that’s going on at the moment, Xbox Live Gold Subscribers can currently download for free, a copy of zombie survival horror title Dead Rising 2 and it’s counterpart Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. This special offer is valid up until the date of August 31st, and gamers […]

BioShock Infinite PSN Price Drop

BioShock: Infinite Gets PSN Price Drop

BioShock: Infinite has been given a discounted price-drop up until August 16th . This is a fantastic chance for gamers who’ve not yet tested out Irrational Games hugely successful shooter. If you played the demo and liked what you saw, then this is a great opportunity to get it at a knock-down price. Sony PlayStation […]

Hulu Plus Free

Hulu Plus free for Xbox Live Members This Weekend

Hulu Plus is free for all Xbox Live members this weekend and will end on Sunday, the 4th August. In order to access the service, you would need a gold membership, but that’s not the case this weekend, as Xbox 360 owners can use it to their hearts content all weekend. The subscription service allows […]

Xbox One Toys R Us

Xbox One Coupon Deal Price Cut

Most gamers don’t want to pay the hefty price tag that’s been put alongside the upcoming next-gen console. So for all you video gamers out there that like saving a heap load of money, we’ve come across a special offer that may take your fancy. The Xbox One will be priced at £429 at most […]

Hitman Absolution Deal

Get Hitman: Absolution Cheap At Best Buy

Action and espionage gamers are in luck, as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of Hitman: Absolution are going real cheap at Best Buy. You can pick up the gory shooter for as little as £7.90 / $12. You’ll also notice that there’s a walkthrough guide available for purchasing next to all the versions […]

Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale

Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale Details

Starting next week, the big Xbox Live Ultimate Game sale will commence and with it, over thirty video games will be sold at ridiculously cheap prices. Each titles timing of when they’ll be sold will be different for each game, but once we know more information including pricing, we’ll post it straight to this particular […]