Write For Us

Here at GLN we accept guest posts from contributors who want to gain more exposure for their websites/blogs for a small sum as long as the quality is there and you do not spam. We have setup procedures so that this cannot happen anyway.

Please check out all of our rules on what we expect from you and how you can get your articles accepted quickly below:

  • Please don’t include illegal images or links in your content
  • Make sure that you break up your content using paragraphs and the correct English grammar or your article won’t be accepted
  • Make sure that you’re an authority in the gaming industry and that you know what you’re talking about
  • We only accept Gaming related content
  • Your article should be 100% unique and not appear anywhere other than on the official GLN website after you submit it and it’s approved
  • We only accept relevant links in your content that are natural looking

How To Submit your Guest Post

  1. Write it out professionally
  2. Submit it to us by using our contact page
  3. We’ll email you back either letting you know that it’s been accepted or declined (if accepted then it will be posted within 4 hours).


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