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PSN Maintenance To Occur On Monday, April 15th

PSN Maintenance

The PlayStation Network is to have some extensive maintenance in the UK on Monday, 15th April at 2.00pm. The PSN will only be offline for under a day and will be back online on Tuesday, 16th April at 5.00pm UK time.

All of the features and services that will not be able to be accessed in this time frame can be seen below.

  • account management
  • Registration
  • SEN Website
  • PS Store
  • console transactions

If members have been signed in to the PlayStation Network in the last 5 days, then they’ll still be able to whilst this maintenance is being carried out. Otherwise there will be no point in signing in, as you will not be able to until the checks are done with.

So if you are already signed in when the maintenance is being carried out, then you’ll still be able to be connected. Remember, this is only for the United Kingdom and therefore will not affect any other areas.

PSN Maintenance
PSN Maintenance

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