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Soul Sacrifice Demo Out Next Week

Soul Sacrifice

Sony have announced that the Soul Sacrifice demo will be out sometime next week. The announcement got made on the official PlayStation blog today, and the fans of the series can finally get a little taster of whats to come in the full game.

The action-RPG game is a PlayStation Vita exclusive, so it will not be released on any other platform. Keiji Inafune who’s the creator of the Mega Man franchise, is the man behind the development of the game.

In Soul Sacrifice, players must take control of slaves who must sacrifice their own lives whilst actually re-living the lives of the most deadliest past warriors. Gameplay involves slaying various different monsters throughout the game, and choosing to either have mercy and spare the enemies lives, or they can sacrifice them instead.

Upon pre-ordering Soul Sacrifice, gamers will get an additional two costumes, exclusive magic spells, and the voice-over audio in Japanese. Soul Sacrifice is already out in Japan, but the game will be out in North America on April 30th and 1st May in Europe.

The first look demo will hit the EU PlayStation store on Wednesday April 17th next week.

Soul Sacrifice
Soul Sacrifice

One thought on “Soul Sacrifice Demo Out Next Week

  1. I must say for all the ps vita gamers this is the very first RPG game that beats out all others on psp and ps vita.I just got the DEMO version and its content is so much I cant get enough of playing.My in game name is Chaotic and my psn is bonethugg2.If you see me in the Demo or the full game add me because ive played over 20 hours of this demo so i can be of great help to all who want a reliable team mate.PS Vita owners try the Demo out and see for yourself why this game (demo included) is truly a blessing to PS Vita gamers.One thing I have to say is i hope they have voice chat in the full game because texting while fighting or before setting up to kill a boss is confusing sometimes.Voice chat always is better.

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