Capcom releases Sunbreak expansion Title Update 5 for Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom have released The Sunbreak expansion Title Update 5 for Monster Hunter Rise and it’s definitely well worth checking out.

Monster Hunter Rise
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Monster Hunter Rise is an action-packed title developed and published by Capcom. Players take on the role of a hunter tasked with slaying or capturing various monsters using an array of weapons and equipment. The game features an extensive single-player campaign and multiplayer modes, allowing players to team up with friends to take down even tougher monsters. For the full list of patch notes, visit the official website.

New Update Is Well Worth Your Time

The update introduces players to two new formidable monsters – Risen Shagaru Magala and Amatsu. Additionally, players can now increase the level cap in Anomaly Investigations, and two Risen Elder Dragons will be added to Anomaly Research Quests. The Melding Pot will also receive an update, while new Special Investigations and Event Quests are also included in this update.

Amatsu, an Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter Rise, has the ability to control the weather and summon storms and lightning that are said to have destroyed an entire city. Adding to the challenge, Risen Shagaru Magala has infected Qurio, achieving an even more formidable form. Amatsu can be faced from MR10, while Risen Shagaru Magala can be fought at MR180. Those who manage to defeat these powerful beasts will receive materials to craft new gear with unique skills.

Hunters can take on two more Risen Elder Dragons in Anomaly Research Quests and push their skills to the limit with the new Anomaly Investigation level cap of 300. All the materials collected during these hunts can be used in the Melding Pot’s new “Qurious Melding” feature, which allows for even more skill customisation. To tackle the new Special Investigations, which unlock after completing an Anomaly Investigation at level 300, players will need a well-crafted loadout. The monsters in these Special Investigations come with power-ups that include augmented strength and extended attack range.

Event Quests & DLC Options

Additional Event Quests are currently being developed, with rewards such as poses, layered armor sets like Bloodmalice and Buff Body, and even Lagombi Ears. Hunters looking to unwind after a grueling hunt can purchase the new “Monster & Elgado Music: Chill Version” background music pack which features a collection of soothing tracks. Players can also purchase other paid DLC options, including new face paint designs, hairstyles, and layered armor sets. Sir Jae and Oboro the Merchant’s voices will also be added, and players can even sport the iconic hairstyle of the brilliant scientist, Bahari.

You can now get the Sunbreak expansion for Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam, with upcoming releases on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, PS4 and Xbox One via the Microsoft Store on April 28th. On launch day, the console versions will have access to Title Update 3, with later updates such as Title Update 4 planned for release after summer. Check out the new trailer released by Capcom below.

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