Soul Sacrifice Demo, Latest Details

Soul Sacrifice PS Vita Demo

The other day, we told you about the Soul Sacrifice demo being released and all the details with it. Now though, some new details have come to light and we thought we’d share them with you once more.

The game demo has launched today on the PS Store for North American residents. Tomorrow will see the demo officially launched in Europe, again via the PS Store. What you may not have known about the demo, is that whatever data you have on it, will be carried onto the full game.

So this way you will have a head start if you decide to purchase the full version game. Gamers can play the demo online with up to three other players and there’s also the option to use the ad-hoc multiplayer too. Another bonus is the fact that the complete first level is playable from beginning to end on the demo.

If Soul Sacrifice gamers decide to carry their saved data from the demo over to the full game once released, they’ll receive a special bonus item. The exclusive item is called (Spirits’ Heart) which gives you a very useful and powerful stone golem that you can use in the game to your advantage.

The stone golem is only available in the playable demo though, so if you want to obtain it, you’ll have to play through the demo first. The other catch, is the demo will be taken down from the PS Store on May 1st in North America, and Europe on April 30th.

These two dates are when the official full version game is actually released on the PlayStation Vita.

Soul Sacrifice PS Vita Demo
Soul Sacrifice PS Vita Demo

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