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EA Sports To Reveal FIFA 14 News Tomorrow

FIFA 14 Reveal

Just under an hour ago, the official EA Sports Twitter page announced that there will be some FIFA 14 news coming our way at some point tomorrow. It’s not much to go by at the minute, but this is sure to get all the hardcore FIFA football fans excited about what may be revealed by the giant video game developers.

We’ve been covering quite a lot of FIFA 14 news over the course of the past six months. All that we are a little weary of, is if it’s anything that we’ve already revealed to our readers in that time frame. Lets face it, we have posted quite often about FIFA 14 so there’s a likely hood that some of the news will be what we’ve already posted.

Never the less, the official release date for the game is now expected to be revealed to all. Not to mention some of the upcoming new features for the popular football video game series. Check out that tweet from EA Sports FIFA and let us know how excited you are.

FIFA 14 Reveal
FIFA 14 Reveal


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