Guild Wars 2 Free This Weekend April 19-21

Guild Wars 2 Free Weekend

ArenaNet is hosting a free-to-play Guild Wars 2 weekend on April 19th to the 21st 2013. If you took up the option to play in the previously hosted free trial weekend that took place back in November 2012, then the free trial account that you used will be valid for this April weekend too.

All that will be required of you, is to update the game by double-clicking on your Guild Wars 2 icon that is designated on your computers desktop. Alternatively you can access the log-in page from here and sign in easily and quickly. You will have to download and install the game all over again if you use the latter option though.

In Guild Wars 2, players explore the fantasy world of Tyria, which is rich in lore and diverse landscapes. The game offers a dynamic and immersive experience with a focus on player-driven storytelling, cooperative gameplay, and a large emphasis on exploration. The game world is filled with dynamic events that occur spontaneously, creating a dynamic and ever-changing environment for players to engage in.

Players can participate in large-scale, server vs. server battles in massive PvP (Player vs. Player) maps. The title also offers structured PvP, where players can compete against each other in balanced matches and earn rewards.

The massively multiplayer online role-playing video game is one of the popular fantasy role-playing games available today. There’s well over 400,000 players with 3 million copies of the game having been sold to date.

Guild Wars 2 Free Weekend
Guild Wars 2 Free Weekend

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