Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost Update Out Now

Guild Wars 2 Update

The second part of the Guld Wars 2 Flame & Frost story has now gone live today ArenaNet and NCSoft have announced. The story will be solely focused on various refugees jumping ship and finding peace after leaving a big battle.

The latest update will enable players to join other Guild Wars 2 players and tackle brand new content. The amount of game modes that are available is really refreshing and a good call by the game developers. Players can do cross country’s challenges, group puzzles and bounties.

Another new addition to the update is a PvP that enables players to take on each other in a quick time match-up with a fair equal rating at the start. This makes it fair so the winner will be the almighty one. After the fight, players ratings are adjusted accordingly to the end result.

The updates are running right now as we type out this article, so don’t waste time and go get that extra content and enjoy it.

Guild Wars 2 Update
Guild Wars 2 Update

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