Check Out Our COD: Black Ops 2 Game Montage

For those of you that enjoy montages on YouTube and other video sharing websites, we have produced one for you. This video is from our official YouTube channel and it is a montage/tutorial on Call of duty: Black ops 2.

We have commentary from beginning to end to talk you through the game and give out the best tips to use. Obviously don’t expect a really globally viral awesome video like some You-tubers have. We just wanted to try our hand at compiling a few videos to help struggling gamers.

There are a few other gaming videos up on our channel aswell, with the likes of FIFA 13 and Counter Strike 2 the other titles. We will post an article with the embedded video each time we publish a new worthwhile and helpful video onto our YouTube channel.

So make sure you don’t miss any of the tutorials or tips that we give out whilst producing them. Stay tuned and look out for more by subscribing to our official channel.

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