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War Thunder CGI-Trailer

New War Thunder CGI-Trailer Surfaces

Gaijin Entertainment have released a brand new trailer for their free-to-play aerial MMO-combat title War Thunder today! The video is entitled “War Thunder Heroes” and is basically a cinematic version instead of the same old gameplay footage that seems to be surfacing. The promotional trailer shows some fantastic visuals, even if they’re all cut-scenes taken from […]

Anno Online 15th Anniversary

Anno Franchise Turns 15, Ubisoft Celebrate

The popular MMO series “Anno” has turned 15 years old this week, and Ubisoft are celebrating it’s ANNOversary (joke courtesy of Ubisoft) with limited time offers and events. Within it’s long-running 15 years of existence, the Anno franchise has knocked up five major game releases. To date, the series has sold a staggering 5 million […]

Total War Arena

Total War: Arena Access Granted For Rome 2 Owners

Sega have announced that all owners of upcoming strategy game Total War: Rome 2 will be granted special access to the company’s other free-to-play MOBA Total War: Arena once it becomes fully available to play. All Rome 2 owners will gain advanced beta access, a cool $15 of in-game currency, and in-game Legion Armoury bonuses. […]

FIFA World

EA Sports Announce FIFA World

EA Sports have surprisingly (out of the blue) announced a brand new entry to the long-running FIFA football series with FIFA World being officially revealed in a press release today. The game will be a PC exclusive, and a free-to-play module that will be intended for Russian and Brazilian gamers especially. The new entry has […]

Ace Combat Infinity

Ace Combat Infinity Will Be Free-to-Play, First Trailer Released

The first official full length Ace Combat Infinity trailer has been released by Namco Bandai today! The game will be set in the future with super weapons available, and a completely new storyline as well. A new co-op multiplayer mode will require only the most skilled of aces to compile two teams that will be […]

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Delayed

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Delayed Until Late Summer

The anticipated sequel to PVZ has been pushed back until late summer and will now miss it’s July 18th release date. PopCap confirmed that Plants Vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time won’t be launched until later on this summer 2013. The firm has apologised to fans and have said that they just want to ensure […]

Dragon's Dogma Quest PS Vita

Dragon’s Dogma Quest Coming To PS Vita

2D action RPG Dragon’s Dogma Quest is coming to PlayStation Vita this fall is has been announced. The RPG will come with over 150 jobs, villages, towns, sub-quests and monsters. Groups of eight can be uniquely formed between four of your very own Pawns and four of your friends Pawns. Part-time gamers will be happy […]

Plants Vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 Hits Mobile Devices July 18th

Hugely anticipated sequel Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time will launch on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone on July 18th 2013, and it’s going to be free-to-play. PVZ2 will have a time travel factor implemented into the tower defence game that will include far into the future, Ancient Egypt and a western/wild wild west […]

Anno Online Open Beta Testing

Free-To-Play Anno Online Enters Open Beta Today

Browser-based free-to-play build ’em up Anno Online has entered it’s open beta testing today. That makes room for all you strategy gaming people to go and try it out for yourselves. We know that browser games are not ideal, but Anno games are just classics and they always deliver the goods as far as we’re […]

Rift free-to-play

Rift Will Be Going Free-To-Play On June 12th

Trion Worlds have today, announced that their hugely successful long running MMORPG (Rift) will be going free-to-play as of June 12th 2013. The MMO has already been out for well over 25 months and Trion now think the time is right to make the switch to F2P. Players who choose to select the free option, […]