Soul Sacrifice Release Date Is April 30th

Sony have revealed today that Soul Sacrifice will have a release date set for April 30th 2013. This is in North America and Japan will actually get it’s hands on the game first on March 7th. So you can expect to see a load of YouTube videos showcasing the gameplay from the Japanese shortly.

If you actually pre order Soul Sacrifice, then you will be entitles to a little bonus in the form on in game content. The pack will supply players with a Spirits Fulgurwood, a Spirits Flamepike, two additional costumes, a Spirits Blightstone and lastly three special magic items.

That’s not all either, you will also get a Japanese voice-over pack in addition to the rest. You must reserve the game though to receive these extra features as they are only included with pre orders.

The developers commented that they think they have created an engaging game that is the best they could possibly make it.

Soul Sacrifice Release Date

Soul Sacrifice Release Date

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