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Soul Sacrifice Free DLC Info

The upcoming free downloadable content for the Soul Sacrifice game is due out in April this year according to reports. The exact date is yet unknown at this present time, but we think that the release date for the DLC will be more towards May time.

What we can tell you is that their will be two big bosses that will feature in the DLC. A Berserk mode is included along with a Goliath map that will be able to be played through co-op. The action-role playing video game will be available on the PlayStation Vita.

Your character in the game must obey all the commands of an evil  sorcerer and dive into a book to gain vital experience points. Playing through all the story’s in the book will result in your character becoming more powerful. Soul Sacrifice will be out in North America on April 30th and May 1st in Europe.

Soul Sacrifice
Soul Sacrifice

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