FIFA 14 PSG Face Capture


EA have continued their journey around France in capturing as many professional footballer’s faces for their upcoming FIFA 14 game. This week they set off to Paris to acquire all of the Paris Saint-Germain players faces with their high tech cameras. The developers previously visited Lille to acquire all the player faces from the team there.

The players have to simply sit in a chair and have their photograph taken from various different camera angles. The football club from the Ligue 1 division in France has not had it all plain sailing though. The process has been very tiring and time consuming at times.

The Electronic Arts FIFA 14 face capture team have spent most of the week in the French capital working with PSG. They’ve now spent more time at PSG than at any other club they’ve visited this calendar year.

Our shot below show PSG front man (Ezequiel Iván Lavezzi) having his photo taken for the upcoming title. The former Napoli, and current PSG striker will now have an even fresher looking face than ever before.

This will be improved even greater by the fact that FIFA 14 will be on the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 next generation console. We’ll be posting every time EA visits a new destination and club for the face capture requirements. Check back to see which club will be the next to get their faces implemented into the new game.


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