Battlefield 4 May Appear at the GDC

Battlefield 4

Electronic Arts might be teasing gamers with a little taster of a possible Battlefield 4 game at the upcoming GDC event. According to the game news site IGN, the curious color pallet actually looks a lot similar to a Battlefield type design.

The gaming news site have received a personal invite to the Game Developers Conference on March 26th. EA have made a habit of showing off their new games at these conference’s over the past few years. Their shooting games also seem to especially hit the spotlight every time these events are held.

Way back in 2011, They exclusively revealed the now iconic Battlefield 3 game at the GDC 2011. Also, at the 2012 GDC, EA exclusively revealed their Medal of Honor: Warfighter game. We’ll have to be patient and see what the GDC brings at the end of this month.

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4

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