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Battlefield 4 Details to be Unveiled at EA Event

Battlefield 4 Event

The San-Fransisco press conference that is due to take place on March 26th will be the moment that Electronic Arts unveil Battlefield 4 for the very first time. The event was previously teased by EA for a number of weeks, but having seen rumours all over the net, they’ve finally admitted that the event is for the unveiling of Battlefield 4.

Speculation from various gaming websites (including ours) over the past few weeks about the meeting being all about Battlefield 4 has worked a treat. Now gamers will be able to get more details and information on the upcoming shoot em up sequel.

Invited were sent out from EA to a number of major gaming websites to come to the event as something special was going to be announced. Now though, we know that the announcement is all about Battlefield 4.

Nothing major so far has been revealed by EA about the shooting game, so all the details will be given out at the event we presume. Polygon revealed that Dice have sent out invited to celebrate a brand new era of the Battlefield series.

Battlefield 4 Event
Battlefield 4 EA Event

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