Machinarium Will Arrive on The PS Vita This Month

Amanita Design have confirmed that their classic adventure game (Machinarium) will arrive on the PS Vita at some point this month. Machinarium came out on the PlayStation 3 back in September last year, now it’s making it’s way to the Vita on March 26th.

That date though is just for North America, and we’ll let you know as soon as other continents get their release date for the Vita version. The price of the game will be roughly £5 or $6.99 outright. Upon the game launching on the PS3, Amanita Design said that it was the best version of the game ever!

Now though, they’ve said that this upcoming PS Vita version even beats the PlayStation 3 version. PSN leaderboards will be introduced into this version so that players can compete against each other. If you don’t live in North America, then look out for our post that will let you know when the game comes out in your region.

Machinarium PS Vita

Machinarium PS Vita

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