Release Date For The Last of Us Demo Confirmed

A release date for The Last of Us demo has been revealed by Naughty Dog to be the 31st May. This though, is only for gamers who buy God of War: Ascension and then therefore will be entitled to receive the demo early.

A public release date for all the mutual gamers has so far not been disclosed by Naughty Dog. An announcement should happen in the space of the next week or so though.

Originally, The Last of Us was supposed to be out on May 7th, but unfortunate delays with developing the game has put that date back to June 14th 2013. Naughty Dog did comment on saying that they want to set the bar high and make the game the best it can possibly be for the fans.

For gamers who are interested in purchasing God of War Ascension and receiving The Last of Us demo before anyone else, the game is out on March 12th in North America. A release date for the UK is set to be on March 15th a few days later.

The Last of us release date

The Last of us release date


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  1. […] forget, The Last of Us Demo which has a copy of God of War Ascension included will be playable this coming Friday, May 31st […]

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