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The Last of US Demo

The Last of Us Demo Cheats Revealed

After the release of the single-player demo for The Last of US, a glitch has appeared in which gamers can exploit to gain extra access to new content. This additional content, isn’t available whilst playing the game normally. Naughty Dog’s survival horror is to be launched on June 14thfor the PlayStation 3, and gamers can’t […]

The Last of Us Trophies

The Last of US Campaign Trophies Full List

Spoiler Alert For The Game All of the available trophies in the single player mode of The Last of Us has been revealed for the very first time online. In the campaign mode, the PlayStation 3 exclusive has one platinum, one hidden, nine silver, six gold and seven bronze trophies up for grabs. All the […]

The Last of Us Release

The Last of Us Will Be Playable During Download

Sony recently came out and said that the upcoming PlayStation 4 console will support the function of being able to play video games whilst there actually downloading. Well, Naughty Dog told Gameinformer that their upcoming survival horror (The Last of Us) will be able to be playable whilst being downloaded. The PlayStation 3 exclusive digital […]

Release Date For The Last of Us Demo Confirmed

A release date for The Last of Us demo has been revealed by Naughty Dog to be the 31st May. This though, is only for gamers who buy God of War: Ascension and then therefore will be entitled to receive the demo early. A public release date for all the mutual gamers has so far […]

The Last Of Us Video Game Delayed Until June

Naughty Dog’s long awaited upcoming survival horror action video game The Last Of Us will be delayed now until June 14th 2013. The game was expected to be released worldwide at first on the 7th May. Now the date has been changed due to some last ditch alterations. The developers said that they set there […]