A Tommy’s Spin-Off Could Unfold the Secrets of The Last of Us

A Tommy's Spin-off Could Unfold the Secrets of The Last of Us
A Tommys Spin off Could Unfold the Secrets of The Last of Us

The Last of Us games, developed by Naughty Dog, demonstrated how a post-apocalyptic world overrun by diverse types of frightening infected can be extremely catastrophic. Part I & II presented magnificent, jaw-dropping stories with beautiful endings difficult to forecast.

Apart from the main characters, each brought a significant impact on the story: Joel with his ultimate support for someone who reminds him of his passed-away daughter, Ellie with her thirst for revenge, and Abby who took care of the people she loved, one more supporting character has unclear fates that could be explored more.

Showcasing His Secrets Along with Survival Skills

A Tommys Spin off Could Unfold the Secrets of The Last of Us Tommy

In The Last of Us Part I, upon the opening scene, Tommy, Joel’s younger brother, disappears for the whole summer season. Some dialogues among characters, particularly Joel and Ellie, show that they got separated, having no more interest to see each other again. Later Tommy has created a community in Jackson, but it’s unclear how he managed that alone.

In the sequel, he plays a bigger role seeking revenge alongside Ellie after Joel’s brutal death by the WLF. However, his ending remains ambiguous. The survival title gives us information about him still trying to hunt down Abby, but without any more news.

To fill these gaps, coming from both parts, a spin-off could reveal untold secrets of his challenging life. How he survived after splitting from Joel, and what his current status is following the search for Abby. As an experienced survivor, he surely has more stories to tell.

Giving Tommy unique survival and combat abilities, in particular his skill in using a sniper weapon, could create a fresh installment in TLOU series. Players would undoubtedly enjoy seeing him become as strong as his brother.

Along the way, fans may meet characters he interacted with before returning to Jackson. He could also encounter new kinds of enemies and infected creatures. Tommy’s journey has the potential for fresh story beats while still feeling connected to the established universe.

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The Last of Us Part I is available on PS4, PS5 and PC – Part II on PS4.

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