From Street Art to Symbiotes: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Playable Characters Ranked

Miles and Peter stand together
Miles and Peter stand together

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the roster of playable characters offers an exciting twist to the gaming experience, reminiscent of its 2018 predecessor.

Line-up Of Heroes

What sets this sequel apart is the dynamic inclusion of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as controllable heroes.

Each of these iconic Spider-Men has previously starred in their own titles, but Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 weaves their stories together, allowing players to seamlessly switch between them. This affords the chance to explore the bustling streets of New York, engaging in character-specific side missions and experimenting with their unique abilities.

Notably, similar to the 2018 edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man, this game features sequences in which players take on the roles of supporting characters.

In the previous installment, these episodes provided a change of pace from the superheroic escapades of Peter Parker.

Players, for instance, temporarily assumed the identities of Mary Jane Watson and a pre-spider-bite Miles Morales. These moments added depth to the narrative and diversified the gameplay experience.

Hailey as a playable charcter

5. Hailey Cooper

Hailey Cooper, a street artist entwined in the web of Miles Morales’s adventures, offered an intriguing gameplay element in the “Graffiti Trouble” side mission.

In this mission, accessed through the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app, players joined Miles in responding to a report of a tagged shop.

However, they were met with a delightful surprise as Hailey had already adorned the place with her vibrant street art.

The mission then took a captivating detour into Hailey’s perspective, unveiling the heartwarming tale of her collaboration with Kayla, a struggling artist, in bringing their vision to life.

What makes this mission even more exceptional is Hailey’s unique character trait; she is deaf. As a result, the game took an innovative approach by eschewing traditional dialogue in favor of emoji-type images to convey emotions and necessary actions.

The mission also capitalized on the DualSense controller’s capabilities, requiring players to shake the controller to gather paint and use the R2 button for spraying, enhancing the overall immersion.

Mary Jane as a playable character

4. Mary Jane Watson

Another character making a return as a playable protagonist is Mary Jane Watson. These missions have evolved significantly from the first game, incorporating mechanics familiar to stealth genre enthusiasts.

Mary Jane, who works as a journalist for the Daily Bugle, now wields a Sable pistol, using it for non-lethal takedowns.

Her time in the field while reporting in Symkaria has honed her combat skills, providing a fresh perspective on her character.

The game ensures that her abilities grow progressively, mirroring the natural progression of her inventory in the previous title.

As the story unfolds, she unlocks additional stealth combat features, such as a web-shooter attachment for her pistol.

While these enhancements make her missions more enjoyable, they still fall short of the exhilaration that comes with embodying a superpowered character.

Miles as a playable character

3. Miles Morales

Miles Morales, on the other hand, exhibits a significant boost in his abilities since his last appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The game takes place nine months later, portraying him as more independent, though he still seeks guidance from Peter at times.

Miles wields bioelectric Venom abilities, allowing players to take down adversaries with electrifying blasts and chained attacks. Additionally, his ability to turn invisible enhances the gameplay’s stealth aspects.

Miles’s versatility shines, particularly in the early stages of the game, outshining Peter in some aspects. With his new suits and looks it makes him a very good character.

For the most part, Miles is on par with Peter, but the allure of the symbiote suit ultimately makes the latter a bit more fun to play as.

Peter as a playable character

2. Peter Parker

Peter however brings his own unique set of abilities to the table. Apart from the gadgets he shares with Miles, Peter sports mechanical Superior Spider-Man-esque arms, a result of his collaboration with Otto Octavius.

These mechanical arms, when charged, offer a swift means to subdue foes. Yet, Peter’s gameplay truly becomes captivating when he acquires the Venom symbiote, which adds a layer of complexity and thrill to the experience.

The symbiote, while potentially corrupting Peter, grants him a plethora of potent tendril attacks. Filling a meter bar triggers a rage mode, altering the suit’s appearance and allowing Peter to dispatch enemies with ruthless efficiency.

Though Peter eventually relinquishes the symbiote, the game presents a narrative justification for retaining these newfound abilities through the Anti-Venom suit.

Venom roars

1. Venom

Venom, a formidable adversary, makes an astonishing entry into the gameplay. Initially, Peter attempts to part ways with the corrupting symbiote by returning it to Dr. Connors.

However, Harry reclaims the symbiote, transforming into the menacing Venom. Players are then thrust into the role of this overpowering villain as he embarks on a destructive rampage through Oscorp and Times Square.

Controlling Venom was a wish many fans harbored, and while the sequence is brief, it effectively serves as a storytelling device, offering players a firsthand experience of Harry’s formidable power before they later confront it as the Spider-Men.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 takes the gameplay experience to new heights by not only evolving the abilities of its characters but also weaving their stories into an interconnected web that keeps players engaged and enthralled.

It’s a testament to the game’s depth and innovation that it offers a fresh perspective on well-known characters while introducing new, captivating elements. The future of Spider-Man gaming looks brighter than ever.

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