Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 Review

Peter And Miles Fight Sandman
Peter And Miles Fight Sandman

Insomniac Games has set a new standard for superhero games and Spider-Man adaptations with their latest web-slinging adventure. This is my Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 Review.

A Heroic Dynamic Duo

It’s a rare gem in the gaming world, a sequel that elevates every aspect of the original game and establishes itself as one of the finest superhero games ever created.

This time around, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 takes a bold approach by focusing on not one but two iconic Spider-Men – Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Both characters share the spotlight as co-protagonists, navigating the complexities of their personal lives and the responsibilities of being superheroes.

As always, the lines between their civilian identities and crime-fighting alter egos blur, putting them in constant moral dilemmas.

The game delivers a compelling narrative, accentuating the relationship between Peter and MJ, which is tested by the return of Harry Osborn, a childhood friend.

For Miles, the story delves into his struggles with the loss of his father and the events from his solo adventure in 2020.

Vengeance is a central theme for both protagonists, contributing to a darker and more emotionally charged chapter in the Spider-Man universe.

The emotional depth of the story is enhanced by exceptional voice performances from the returning cast, including Yuri Lowenthal, Nadji Jeter, and Laura Bailey. Additionally, newcomer Graham Phillips shines as Harry Osborn.

Insomniac Games has a knack for reshaping the Spider-Man lore, creating captivating and fresh narratives that appeal to long-time fans without feeling like rehashed material.

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While the overall story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 might bear some resemblance to classic Spider-Man tales, it takes enough detours and offers surprises to keep it engaging.

The inclusion of Tony Todd’s Venom and the spotlight on Kraven The Hunter, an underutilized member of the hero’s rogues’ gallery, adds depth to the narrative.

In this third instalment, Insomniac recognized the need for innovation to maintain gameplay freshness. The game introduces a plethora of new skills and abilities for both Miles Morales and Peter Parker, making them even more formidable in combat.

Each character has a unique skill tree, tailored to their powers, along with a shared skill tree featuring general spider-themed abilities along with new suits for both of them.

Although some skills carry over from previous games, there are enough new ones to challenge players and prevent monotony.

Peter And Miles Have A Improved Mosaic
Peter And Miles Have An Improved Mosaic

A Revamped Gameplay Experience

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 goes further by introducing a parrying system, offering an alternative method to evade incoming attacks when Spider-Sense tingles.

Some formidable foes can only be defeated through parrying or dodging. However, the game’s most significant gameplay evolution lies in its boss battles.

Unlike the previous games’ scripted set pieces, the boss battles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 follow a more Soulslike design, featuring bosses with recognizable attack patterns and multiple health bars. They are unscripted, except for brief interludes between battle stages. These boss encounters provide a significant challenge and some of the game’s most memorable moments.

Improvements extend to various aspects of gameplay. Collectibles and minigames are scattered throughout the city, offering engaging diversions that are far less frustrating than the Screwball Challenges from the 2018 game.

Even the Mary Jane Watson missions, previously criticized for their stealth-based gameplay, have been revamped by equipping her with a weapon and eliminating the auto-fail mechanic when detected by enemies.

Insomniac’s ability to enhance existing gameplay elements shows dedication to refining the player experience.

Future Prospects: New York’s Evolution or Beyond Borough Locations?

This latest entry picks up the story approximately ten months after the events of its predecessor. Peter Parker and Miles Morales have been sharing the responsibilities of protecting New York City and have formed a strong friendship.

A new addition to their dynamic is the return of Harry Osborn, who had been absent due to a debilitating illness. The narrative unfolds from this point, setting the stage for an epic adventure.

The game wastes no time in throwing players into a gripping narrative, featuring a thrilling early boss battle with a previously undisclosed character.

This battle changes the landscape of New York City, setting the tone for an action-packed blockbuster sequel.

Once the explosive introduction concludes, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers players the familiar freedom to explore Insomniac’s meticulously detailed New York City.

The city has undergone significant improvements since Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with an even more faithful and breathtaking rendition of the Big Apple.

The dedication of Insomniac’s art team is evident in the city’s lifelike portrayal, making it a love letter to New York City and an incentive for players to revisit the real city.

Traversal is a standout feature in Spider-Man titles, and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 introduces a new traversal method, the Web Wings, adding an exhilarating dimension to web-swinging.

It allows for faster and more agile movement, particularly in areas with fewer tall structures. The game also expands the map by including Brooklyn and Queens, offering a different suburban setting compared to Manhattan, providing a refreshing change of pace as you move from one mission to another.

Swinging through the concrete jungle of New York City once again instantly flooded me with familiarity, albeit with a fresh coat of paint courtesy of the power behind the PlayStation 5. Insomniac cleverly reused the same open world map from previous installments to keep development costs down, but implemented some new touches and locations that kept exploration from going stale after two prior games.

Additional neighborhoods like Harlem, Hell’s Kitchen, and the previously mentioned Queens introduced visual variety and new backdrops for missions and side activities without drastically altering the moment-to-moment web slinging. It did make me wonder though – at what point will New York start to feel repetitive? Could the sequel shake things up with a new city or country for everyone’s favorite wall-crawler?

While the location remained familiar, the PS5 tech elevated the surroundings to new levels of immersion. The virtual inhabitants of New York felt more alive than ever before, reacting to my heroics with increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic that made the city bustle with energy. Combined with ray tracing that cast jaw-dropping light across glass skyscrapers, I found myself slack-jawed when looking out over the horizon and stopping frequently to snap photos. The attention to detail cannot be overstated – as I dove between honking cars and chattering citizens, each street felt vibrantly unique.

Most importantly, traversing this comic book metropolis has practically achieved gaming nirvana. Subtle tweaks to web swinging paired with the power of the PS5 hardware equates to unprecedented speed and momentum that left me grinning with exhilaration. Unlockable maneuvers like slingshotting around corners or achieving insane velocity from perfectly-timed swings heightened the experience even further. When the core movement and exploration brings this much joy on its own, Insomniac has crafted something extraordinary with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that stands tall among the most superb superhero games ever made.

One of the game’s exciting details is the chance to run into the other Spider-Man while responding to a crime in progress.

Occasional moments occur where both Miles and Peter are present, fighting alongside each other and sharing humorous banter. These moments create a sense of camaraderie and add to the superhero experience.

Mary Jane Can Now Carry A Weapon In Her Missions
MJ Can Now Carry A Weapon In Her Solo Missions

The game continues the open-world action-adventure formula established in the previous titles, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The familiarity of the core gameplay mechanics will instantly resonate with players who have followed Insomniac’s take on open-world traversal, thrilling combat, and spectacular set pieces.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 masterfully balances darker, more intense story elements with moments of levity and friendliness.

The side activities, a hallmark of the series, play a significant role in character development for both Spider-Men. Players find themselves engaged in various tasks, such as aiding students, helping neighborhood artists, and reconnecting with old friends.

These slower, more intimate moments are as enriching as the overarching narrative, showcasing the depth of the characters and their lives.

Switching between Peter Parker and Miles Morales is effortless, adding a layer of gameplay diversity. The game allows players to transition between the two Spider-Men seamlessly, each with their own unique abilities. Some missions are specific to one character, ensuring a varied gameplay experience.

Peter Clings To A Wall

Compelling Character Development

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 surprises with its narrative depth, offering fresh perspectives on beloved characters.

The story introduces new dimensions to characters like Harry Osborn and skillfully balances dark and light moments. The narrative’s global stakes and internal struggles provide a sense of scope that sets this game apart from its predecessors.

The character development of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales takes center stage, portraying complex and nuanced arcs.

Peter grapples with the symbiote’s influence on his character, while Miles confronts his deep-seated hatred for Martin Li. This latest entry shines not just as a superhero game but as a story about the lives of its protagonists.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 presents supervillains in a fresh light. Venom, although resembling his comic book and movie counterparts, offers a more intellectual and layered portrayal, showcasing Tony Todd’s inspired performance.

Other villains like the Lizard and Kraven the Hunter receive unique interpretations, adding depth to their characters and motives.

There’s one scene in particular where Dr Connors loses his arm that literally brought a tear to my eye. This scene, following the intense boss battle between Symbiote Peter and Dr. Connors’ Mutate form, The Lizard, is not just a plot twist but a deeply poignant exploration of loss.

So, there’s Peter, pulling the brilliant scientist from the brink of drowning. Connors wakes up to a harsh reality – the Symbiote, the thing he was studying, took away his freaking arm.

Now, here’s where it gets me. In this flashback you feel it all – the pain, the shock, the heartbreak. You see it in Connors’ eyes, and you get why it messes with his head so much. It’s not just a ‘Oh, he lost an arm moment; it’s a deep dive into the psyche of a guy we thought we knew.

This scene isn’t just a plot point; it’s the kickstart to Connors going full villain mode. By no means is it some cheap trick – it’s storytelling at its finest.

The theme of redemption is prevalent, as some of Spidey’s sworn enemies seek unexpected paths to reform. The game’s cast of characters feels multi-dimensional and defies one-dimensional stereotypes, setting a high standard for superhero video games.

Harry and His Father in front of the symbiote tank
Harry And His Father In Front Of The Symbiote Tank

The Ultimate Superhero Gaming Experience

The gameplay systems in the superhero title builds upon the foundations of the previous titles, ensuring a satisfying and familiar experience.

Traversal remains as enjoyable as ever, with the addition of Web Wings that enable swift, dynamic aerial movement. New features like wind tunnels and slingshots enhance the traversal experience, making it effortless to swing through the city.

Fast travel, though initially locked behind progression, is a convenient option to explore the sprawling map.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a masterful superhero video game that excels in both its narrative and gameplay.

Insomniac Games continues to set the benchmark for Spider-Man titles, and this sequel stands as a testament to their dedication and creativity. It’s not just a great superhero game; it’s one of the finest video games ever made.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 Review
Peter And Miles Fight Sandman

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Review: Unmasking Secrets, Epic Battles, and the Ultimate Superhero Experience! Don't Miss Out on this Gaming Marvel!

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Editor's Rating:


  • Thrilling Venom-centric story: The game has a story that revolves around Venom, which is exciting and engaging .
  • The game has new special abilities that are fun to use .
  • The web wings are a joy to use .
  • Instantaneous loading times.
  • The game makes the most of the PS5’s cutting-edge hardware for improved visuals .
  • Bigger battles
  • Improved ray tracing
  • Wider story choices
  • More flamboyant combat
  • The lifespan is very good and you should get hours of enjoyment


  • Inconsistent face models
  • Repetitive side missions

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