FM24 Beta Arrives Soon – How to Get Early Access

Football Manager 2024 Beta Access

Football Manager 2024 Beta Arrives Soon – Here’s How to Get Early Access.

Football Manager 2024 Beta Access

Football management simulator fans are eagerly anticipating the Football Manager 24 beta, allowing early hands-on time with the game prior to full launch. Here’s a rundown of expected beta timing, availability, and how to gain access.

Longtime followers know the FM beta ritual by now – a near-complete build goes live around 2 weeks before release for those who pre-purchase the game. This exclusive period provides an advance look at new features and gameplay changes.

Early Access Should Release At End of October

Although not officially dated yet, speculation points to an FM24 beta in late October based on Sports Interactive’s typical scheduling. The Epic Games Store leak showed October 19th, which is plausible but that remains unconfirmed.

Traditionally the test version just appears without warning alongside Steam’s daily update. And purchasing FM24 on either Steam or Epic is the only way to unlock beta participation.

Xbox Game Pass and console versions unfortunately won’t get early access at all – it’s limited to the PC edition pre-orders. But progress does carry over to full launch across platforms.

Football Manager 2024 New Set-Pieces Features

As always, some bugs may persist in the test version prior to the day-one patch at release. Some fans stick to “beta saves” then start fresh after updates. But the trial edition represents the most stable pre-launch build for dedicated managers.

With Football Manager 2024 arriving this fall on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Switch, the trial’s emergence is imminent. And pre-purchasing is the only route to get a head start on masterminding your club’s future success. The Unity engine will offer considerable graphical improvements for the upcoming title.

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For diehard fans, the FM24 beta is an unmissable tradition and the kickoff to months of engrossing matches, transfers, and trophies. The preparations and planning for this year’s test are nearly complete – now it’s just time to execute the gameplan and secure early access.

FM24 arrives November 6th for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source – RadioTimes

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