What We Know So Far About Football Manager 24

Football Manager 24
Football Manager 24

Another year, another eagerly anticipated Football Manager release looming. FM24 arrives this autumn, continuing the beloved franchise’s legacy of Limitless Passion. But sweeping changes are also on the horizon in FM25 – marking the end of an era before a new dawn built on Unity.

Expected Release Date and Platforms

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Firstly, what can managers expect when FM24 hits PC and consoles in early November? Given the remarkably consistent annual schedule, a release date around November 8th seems probable. The full buffet of platforms will be served too – PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, iOS and Android.

Cross-compatibility also expands with a first-time carryover feature. For the first time, saves can transfer from FM23 into FM24, picking up precisely where you left off with all the new features layered on top. And excitingly, this save transferability will extend into FM25 next year, despite the major engine overhaul.

Of course, specific new Football Manager 24 inclusions remain tightly guarded secrets. But studio director Miles Jacobson hints at numerous long-requested updates beyond save transfers, likely based on years of community feedback. So while there’s not much info on specifics, the next installment clearly aims to further perfect the polished formula.

Unity Engine Enables Visual Upgrades

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Looking farther ahead, Football Manager 25 promises a full-scale revolution – the first since the 3D match engine’s 2009 introduction. In a bombshell announcement, Jacobson revealed the series will move to the thrilling Unity engine beginning with FM25.

This shift unlocks transformative graphical improvements across platforms. Matchday experiences will gain new visual flair, finally upgrading the core on-pitch action. The user interface also receives a complete reimagining to streamline navigation and management.

Unity integration provides the foundation necessary for Miles’ promised “next revolution” in the series. Alongside prettier pixels, the engine empowers smoother experiences throughout thanks to powerful interface tools.

A Change of Direction, But Same Great Game

So FM25 constitutes the franchises first true technical transformation in some time. But crucially, it does not mean the SMS formula you know and love is fading away. Consider it a long overdue engine tune-up to keep pace with modern gaming’s demands.

In fact, Jacobson stressed that FM24 represents “the closing of a chapter after 20 years.” A heartfelt love letter to the network-building, data-focused management that made Football Manager an international phenomenon and household name among soccer fans.

The series has come a long way from its humble 1992 debut as Championship Manager. Now a behemoth boasting a global audience of players and critics alike. But the title reaffirms that community-focused spirit still motivates everything, even as sweeping changes loom.

So FM24 offers one final victory lap for the 20-year legacy. Then FM25 steers into uncharted territory, the next epoch guided by cutting-edge Unity visuals. The revolution rises in 2025, but first, more footballing history awaits this autumn. Strap in your headsets and lace up your trainers, managers. A kickoff for the ages approaches.

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