Civilization 6 Massively Discounted on Steam (90% Off)

Civilization 6 Discounted on Steam

Rule the World in Civilization 6, Now Massively Discounted on Steam with a crazy 90% off.

Civilization 6 Discounted on Steam

Aspiring emperors and armchair generals, seize this limited opportunity! Sid Meier’s acclaimed Civilization 6 has embarked on a conquest of Steam wallets for Strategy Fest, offer lasting savings on the empire builder until the 11th of September.

No armchair Caesar can pass up Steam’s temporary tribute offer. The standard Civilization IV currently sits at just £5.99, an unbelievable 90% markdown from its normal £59.99 throne. And the platinum edition with all released DLC is only £14.54, down from a mighty £167!

Civ 6 casts players as legendary leaders vying to build the greatest civilization ever known, from humble ancient origins through to the space age. Guide your people from sticks and stones to satellites and nukes through exploration, expansion, technology and cultural influence.

But beware – both Gandhi and Genghis Khan aim to thwart your dreams of global dominance. Only one leader can claim victory and etch their name into the annals of history. Will you overwhelm opponents through military might, sprint ahead via science, or mesmerise the masses with culture? The path to glory awaits.

Endless Replay Value with 19 DLCs

Civilization VI DLC Content

Already hailed as one of the premier 4X experiences and among the best grand strategy games ever designed, Civ 6 refines the addictive formula that has compelled gamers since the 90s. Meticulous details and nuanced gameplay reward both careful planning and cunning improvisation.

Most appealing of all is the Anthology bundle containing the base game and all 19 DLC packs for about £25 – an absolute steal versus its usual queenly sum of £209. That’s endless empires for less than a night out.

Civilization IV Anthology in particular promises almost limitless replay value. With so many leaders, scenarios, gameplay tweaks and new mechanics contained in the DLC, no two attempts at global glory need be the same.

Civilization 6 Gameplay

So don’t delay in seizing this sale. Reviews laud the title as Sid Meier’s crowning strategic achievement, earning accolades like Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game in 2016. And Steam users overwhelmingly agree, granting a ‘Very Positive’ verdict.

The world awaits and conquest calls. Rally your citizens, research chivalry, and prepare for total domination. But act fast before the fire sale ends on September 11th. History is written by the victors, so marshal forces now to build an empire for the ages! Your time to rule is at hand.

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