Civilization V “Brave New World” Official DLC Trailer

Civilization V: Brave New World

The second DLC expansion pack which is entitled (Brave New World) will focus on diplomacy and culture. It’ll also add a load of new gameplay to the full game, something that will be sure to excite the strategy games fans.

A brand new trailer released by Firaxis Games showcases second DLC for Civilization V.

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Brave New World will introduce two new scenarios, a dozens of new units, eight new wonders of the world, nine completely new civilizations and four new gameplay systems. The buildings and improvements will offer a huge variety of different ways to design and build one of the most powerful empires in the world.

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The game developers Firaxis Games explained: “This new expansion provides enhanced depth and replayability through the introduction of international trade and a focus on culture and diplomacy. Your influence around the world will be impacted by creating Great Works, choosing an ideology for your people and proposing global resolutions in the World Congress. As you move through the ages of history you will make critical decisions that will impact your relationship with other civilizations.”

Civilization V: Brave New World
Civilization V: Brave New World

Civilization V: Brave New World will be out on July 9th in the US and July 12th worldwide. The expansion will be released on the Windows PC and MAC.

For now though, you can check out the brand new trailer that showcases the upcoming downloadable content and see what’s in store for you come July.

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