Civilization 7 Confirmed – Currently In Development

Civilization 7 In Development

Civilization 7 Confirmed as Firaxis Begins New Era for Seminal Strategy Series.

Civilization 7 In Development

The march of history continues as Firaxis Games officially announces Civilization 7 has entered development. While details remain scarce, the next entry in Sid Meier’s genre-defining 4X franchise is ramping up following Civilization 6’s triumphant six-year reign.

News of the sequel arrived a fair few months ago via social networking website Twitter. Series steward Ed Beach continues charting the course forward as Civ 7’s creative director. The strategy game is currently celebrating it’s 32nd Birthday with a cross-platform update recently released.

With Civ VI demonstrating the IP’s profound longevity via continual content updates, anticipation already simmers for what comes next. From gathering storms to zombie defenses, Beach’s team endowed the strategy title with incredible depth. Now their efforts turn toward crafting new horizons.

Of course, the blank canvass of Civilization 7 permits limitless directions. More fanciful spins on the rigid history-inspired format could be in store. The developer teases “exciting new heights” ahead, spurring speculation.

Might a sci-fi or high fantasy take emerge? Perhaps an alternate history timeline? Or will Beach double down on the educational angle? Clues are sparse this early, but clearly Firaxis feels the formula still promises fresh innovation.

One certainty is an emphasis on player choice and creative problem solving that defines Civilization. Whether navigating alien diplomacy or managing mana reserves alongside coal supply lines, those trademarks shall persist.

Release Likely Years Away, But Hype Builds

Rulers of England Civilization VI Screen

But beyond foundations, the future simulations possible are boundless in scope. Wherever player imagination lies, Civ 7 can make it a reality. That creative license drives the franchise forward.

Of course, development milestones likely await years down the road. Yet news of progress fans the flames of hype. The leaders of history stand ready for a new age of exploration, conquest and cultural achievement.

While transitions unfold at Firaxis, Ed Beach’s steady hand at the helm offers reassuring continuity. And after 30 illustrious years, the studio understands the strategy game’s essence intimately. Expect both novelty and nostalgia.

As of this writing, there’s a Steam sale of a massive 90% off the Civilization VI anthology bundle that includes 19 DLC’s. You’ll have to act quick though as this offer won’t hang around forever!

So speculate boldly on what horizons Civilization 7 may breach. But rest assured, the journey will plant seeds bearing gameplay fruit for eons hence. Humanity’s quest to build empires and win just one more turn continues onward.

Civilization 7 is now officially in development stages.

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