Command & Conquer Legions: Real-Time Strategy for Mobile Announced

Command & Conquer Legions

Command & Conquer Goes Mobile with Legions Strategy Announcement.

Command & Conquer Legions

Mobile commanders, ready your forces – EA’s vaunted Command & Conquer series is blitzing onto iOS and Android devices soon with the newly announced Legions. Developers Level Infinite will bring C&C’s compelling fusion of base building, resource harvesting and tactical combat to an accessible mobile format.

As a franchise that pioneered the real-time strategy genre on PC, adapting C&C’s intricate systems for intuitive mobile play presents challenges. But early previews suggest Level Infinite has focused Legions on streamlined sessions and simplified controls tailored to on-the-go strategy gaming.

The core elements rang familiar in the reveal trailer: assembling armies of iconic units, developing technology trees, and vying for control of the coveted extraterrestrial substance Tiberium. Combined arms warfare is condensed for short, satisfying bursts.

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PvE and PvP Game Modes for Solo and Alliance Play

Legions promises both PvE missions to learn the ropes, and asynchronous PvP for true tests of tactical skill against others. The ability to form alliances also brings welcome diplomacy options to the mobile battlefield.

On sprawling shared world maps, coordination with allies will be key to achieving objectives and optimising supply lines. Players must balance harvesting Tiberium for resources with capturing strategic outposts to extend their sphere of influence.

Of course, C&C’s legendary roster of units arrives in force, from infantry squads to heavy tanks and aircraft. Deploying the right forces to counter enemies and seize objectives adds strategic depth beyond just base building.

And hero units bring unique powers to the fray. Unleash Kane’s mastery of Tiberium weaponry against the Brotherhood of Nod, or call upon commando McNeil to change the tide for GDI forces with his specialised skills.

Level Infinite clearly aims to distill the addictive match flow and decision making that captivated a generation. Refined for shorter sessions, Legions could make real-time strategy thriving and accessible again.

A closed beta test commences in select regions soon, ahead of a planned 2023 worldwide launch. Interest runs high to see if mobile C&C captures past glory. But the components seem in place for another compelling arms race across platforms.

So ready your digital armies to mobilise anytime, anywhere. A reinvented battle for Tiberium looms, with intuitive real-time tactical play tailored for phones and tablets. The legendary Command & Conquer saga marches into the mobile era.

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