Super Mario Bros. Wonder Showcases New Power-Up Abilities

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Power-Ups

Elephants and Bubbles Among New Super Mario Bros. Wonder Power-Ups.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Power-Ups

Mario’s latest 2D quest Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings an inventive array of power-ups when it launches on Switch this October. Nintendo’s recent Direct provided an in-depth look at abilities new and old that will empower players across Wonder’s magical kingdom. Let’s examine what each transformation enables:

Super Mario Bros Wonder – New Power-Up Abilities List

  • Elephant Form:
    • Use trunk to smash blocks and attack foes
    • Spew stored water to hit enemies and plants
    • Dash quickly across gaps
    • Repel incoming projectiles
  • Bubble Form:
    • Trap enemies in homing bubbles even through walls
    • Bubbles can also act as trampolines
  • Drill Form:
    • Burrow through floors and ceilings
    • Attack tough foes from below
    • Ground pound to break sturdy blocks
  • Fire Flower:
    • Shoot bouncing fireballs to defeat enemies
    • Absorb hits without losing power-up
  • Item Balloon:
    • Carry an extra power-up in reserve
    • Quickly swap between abilities as needed

These expand Mario’s iconic morphing abilities with creative new options. The Elephant’s trunk and Bubble trapping bring fresh platforming and combat potential. Meanwhile, the Drill offers exciting mobility for accessing hidden areas.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder All New Power-Ups

Even classic power-ups like the Fire Flower offer Wonder’s artistic twists, with stylised flaming projectiles. And the Item Balloon’s extra inventory slot enables more flexibility.

Of course, new power-ups were just one element covered in Nintendo’s deep dive Direct. Other revelations included online multiplayer features, an expansive world map, and the inventive new badge augmentation system.

The Japanese giants recently revealed that the iconic plumber’s partner in-crime is getting a remake too with Luigi’s Mansion 2 remaster coming soon.

With Wonder primed to launch this October, Mario’s upcoming adventure already brims with imagination. The versatile power-up abilities complement the art direction and premise beautifully. 2023 is shaping up to be the Year of Mario, and Wonder represents his next potential masterpiece.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches for Nintendo Switch on October 20th, 2023.

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