Super Mario Meets Oreo: Nintendo Collab Bound to Excite Gamers

Super Mario Oreo Cookies Collaboration
Super Mario Oreo Cookies Collaboration

The gaming universe and biscuit realm have collided once more, as Nintendo publicises a limited-time love affair between the iconic Super Mario and the sandwich cookie powerhouse, Oreo. Fresh from the heels of the Nintendo Direct on June 21st, it’s been revealed that 16 Super Mario personalities will leave their enduring impressions on the humble Oreo biscuit. The cyberspace reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans eagerly waiting to lay their hands on the sweetly-branded biscuit delight.

Super Mario Gets an Oreo Twist: The Delectable Announcement

Last year, the Oreo-Pokemon alliance saw the popular snack biscuit imprinted with 16 different Pokemon designs, creating a sensation in markets around the world. But what irked fans was the audacity of scalpers who peddled these cookies at astronomical prices, with Mew-themed biscuits fetching a whopping $1,000 a piece on eBay.

While this phenomenon couldn’t rival the dizzying prices of some Pokemon TCG cards, it will be intriguing to observe if the Super Mario-Oreo symbiosis triggers a similar trend. The official Nintendo of America Twitter account tweeted out the news on their feed which you can view below.

Pre-order Details: The Super Mario-Oreo Launch Timeline and Pricing

Starting Monday, July 10th, retailers across the world, as well as the Oreo website, will stock these one-of-a-kind Super Mario Oreo packages. Priced at an accessible $4.99 per pack, pre-orders are allowed on the condition that one customer only bags one package.

The line-up of Super Mario personas and objects set to make an Oreo appearance are a star-studded list, including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., a Coin, Toad, Yoshi, Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Fire Flower, Piranha Plant, Blooper, Spiny, Super Mushroom, boo and Super Star. Interestingly, Princess Peach will be missing from the biscuit brigade due to her unfortunate kidnapping (again!) by Bowser as part of the marketing narrative.

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Netizens reacted positively to this biscuity surprise, albeit with a hint of scepticism. Fears of scalping linger, given the precedent set by the Pokemon-Oreo fiasco. Nonetheless, fans found humour in the announcement, jokingly speculating that devouring these cookies could be the magic ‘power-up’ transforming Mario into his Elephant avatar in the forthcoming 2D platformer, Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

This elephantine form, alongside other power-ups, will be central to the game, set to debut this October. As of now, the timeline for the Super Mario-Oreo crossover remains hazy.

There’s no doubt Nintendo are doing this to promote upcoming remakes of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and the ever popular Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

Oreo has had trysts with other franchises like Halo and Pokemon, but this marks its maiden dance with the Super Mario universe. Whether this sweet affair is fleeting or the start of a recurring theme, we’ll have to wait and see.

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