Official Announcement: Nintendo Direct Scheduled for This Week

Nintendo Direct Date June 2023
Nintendo Direct Date June 2023

Prepare your alarm clocks, gamers, as Nintendo has broken its silence with the official announcement of their next Nintendo Direct shindig. Scheduled to kick off on the early side of Wednesday, June 21st, at 3 PM UK Time. Now, we’ve all been anticipating the traditional June showcase, right? Well, with a no-show at the Summer Game Fest events, speculation was running rampant. Would Nintendo keep us waiting until the Autumnal hues of September? Thankfully, some optimistic gamers held fast, betting on a late June to early July event, and guess what? They’ve nailed it.

News Broke Via Twitter

Those of us who’ll have our eyes wide open, hot cup of coffee in hand (or tea, no judgement), will be treated to 40 minutes of pure Nintendo extravaganza. The news was delivered on the official Twitter account for Nintendo of America.

So, be ready to tune in bright and early on June 21st, as the wonders of gaming unfold before us. “What’s on the menu?”, you might ask. Well, Nintendo is playing coy, revealing only a tiny morsel, Pikmin 4 will be there. No surprise, really. With just a month to go before the game’s release, it’s only natural for Nintendo to spotlight the forthcoming adventure.

Now, even though Pikmin 4’s a heavyweight, it’s not going to hog the entire 40-minute slot thankfully. We’re expecting a multitude of announcements, a mix of shiny new games and updates on those we’ve been eagerly waiting for. Temper your excitement though; Nintendo’s always had a knack for surprises. However multiple leakers have stated that a new 2D Super Mario game is going to be announced at the Nintendo Direct, pencilled in for a November release. Could it be Nintendo’s Autumn blockbuster? Well, we can only wait. Rumour has it, a Super Mario baseball spin-off could also be on the cards as well.

Amid all this, the fandom’s abuzz with hope for a long-overdue update on Metroid Prime 4. Can you believe it’s been six long years since the announcement? Yet, not a whiff of a trailer. So, is this the event? Are we finally getting that coveted glimpse? Our advice, don’t count your Pikmins before they hatch. Better to let the Nintendo Direct do the talking.

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