Raising the Curtain on Summer Game Fest 2023: PlayStation Showcase Date

PlayStation Showcase 2023
Playstation Showcase 2023 1
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The gaming world is abuzz with anticipation as the news that the PlayStation Showcase livestream is confirmed for Wednesday, May 24th at 6pm British Standard Time. As we approach the commencement of this year’s Summer Game Fest, a thrilling series of livestreamed events set to spotlight forthcoming releases for 2023 and beyond, gamers worldwide hold their breath. The absence of E3 this year has left a void, but Summer Game Fest is poised to fill it, showcasing an array of AAA releases, with numerous high-profile publishers on board.

PlayStation, one of the confirmed participants of Summer Game Fest 2023, is rumoured to start the merriment early with a PlayStation Showcase event preceding June. Speculations have been rife among industry insiders about the timing of this PlayStation Showcase, with the consensus pointing towards either Wednesday, May 24th, or Thursday, May 25th. Interestingly, if held on these dates, the event will precede Sony’s main console competitor, Xbox’s livestream, part of Summer Game Fest, by just over a fortnight, slated for June 11th.

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The guessing game seems to have hit the mark as PlayStation has officially announced that the upcoming PlayStation Showcase will indeed be the curtain-raiser for Summer Game Fest 2023, taking place on Wednesday, May 24th at 1 PM Pacific Time, 4 PM Eastern, or 6 PM British Standard Time. As with prior PlayStation Showcases, the event will be livestreamed on YouTube and Twitch.

When is the 2023 PlayStation Showcase?

  • Wednesday, May 24th at 6pm BST

The gaming community is rife with conjecture about the content of the imminent PlayStation Showcase. April’s PlayStation State of Play livestream featured a sneak peek of Final Fantasy 16, and it’s plausible that one final trailer might be unveiled before its launch on June 22nd. An even more significant trailer reveal would be for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a title that has remained shrouded in mystery since its official announcement at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, with only a tie-in prequel comic and a smattering of promotional events providing scant insight.

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The forthcoming Summer Game Fest 2023 promises a cornucopia of opportunities and has officially confirmed that PlayStation will set the ball rolling with next week’s showcase. For a tantalising glimpse into the future of Sony’s gaming, mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 24th the date of the upcoming PlayStation Showcase – the first of a summer-long series of thrilling gaming events.

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