Sony Announces Local Retailers Will Soon Sell PlayStation VR2 Headsets

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Gamers eagerly waiting for the new PlayStation VR2 headset will be happy to know that local stores will soon have the device in stock. Sony has been struggling to meet the expected sales for the VR headset, as revealed in their financial reports. The availability of the product in retail stores could potentially help Sony increase their sales and improve the VR platform’s standing in the market.

Despite its release in February, the PS VR2 has not been a commercial success so far. According to Sony’s financial reports, less than 300,000 units were sold by the end of March, which is a far cry from the company’s initial target of 2 million units. This has led to comparisons with the success of the first PS VR model and raised concerns about the viability of the VR platform. Some had hoped that the launch of the PS5 would boost sales, but the high price of the headset, which currently sells for £529.00, and the slow adoption of VR technology may be contributing to its lackluster performance.

A New Marketing Strategy

Sony announced that PlayStation VR2 headsets will soon be sold at local retailers. It is unclear how many stores will receive the product in the coming weeks. The announcement advises gamers to check with local stores to determine the product’s availability.

Making the PlayStation VR2 available in local stores could potentially turn around its sales, as it will be easier for Sony enthusiasts to purchase the device in a nearby gaming store. However, there is no guarantee that this move will lead to financial success for the Japanese tech giants.

The PS VR2 may have had a rocky start, but it now boasts a strong lineup of immersive games. Titles like Horizon Call of the Mountain, Kayak VR: Mirage, and Gran Turismo 7 showcase the capabilities of the new headset. For gamers who haven’t yet tried VR or don’t own another VR device, the PS VR2 offers a diverse and engaging experience.

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