Horizon Call of the Mountain Shortlisted for 4 More Awards

Horizon Call of the Mountain Shortlisted for 4 More Awards
Horizon Call of the Mountain Shortlisted for 4 More Awards

Exciting news for Horizon fans – another nomination of the VR game!

The masterpiece Horizon Call of the Mountain VR game has been shortlisted for multiple honors at the prestigious TIGA Games Industry Awards 2023. This recognition reflects the incredible work by developer Firesprite to bring the rich world of Horizon into virtual reality for the first time.

Specifically, Call of the Mountain has been nominated for TIGA’s coveted Game of the Year award in 4 categories. Additionally, Guerrilla Games itself is up for Large Studio of the Year thanks to the massive critical and commercial success of Horizon Forbidden West in 2022.

Praised for Pushing VR Immersion Boundaries

Horizon Call of the Mountain Shortlisted for 4 More Awards Views

Earning these prestigious nominations is no small feat, considering the stiff competition from the past year’s many outstanding video game releases. It demonstrates that even among a crowded field of titles, Horizon Call of the Mountain stands out for pushing the boundaries of immersion with its engrossing setting and production values.

Alongside the TIGA Games Industry Awards nominations, Call of the Mountain has also been nominated in Dutch Game Awards as Best Art and Technology plus as the VR Game of the Year at the VR Game Awards taking place in November.

Developed for PlayStation VR2 by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite, Call of the Mountain promises to immerse players like never before in the majestic yet deadly world of intimidating robots. By harnessing cutting-edge virtual reality weapons, this title could redefine what’s possible in VR gaming.

In Call of the Mountain, players inhabit the role of Ryas, a disgraced former Shadow Carja warrior seeking redemption. With PS VR2’s advanced capabilities like eye tracking and haptic feedback, the dangerous wilderness of the Forbidden West comes alive all around you.

More About Horizon:

Horizon Call of the Mountain is accessible for PlayStation VR2.

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