Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Weapons

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Weapons
Horizon Forbidden West Top 5 Best Weapons

Horizon Forbidden West overflows with formidable legendary weapons to discover, essential tools for surviving the frontier’s deadliest machines and missions. But tracking down the best gear takes work – you’ll need to conquer Hunting Grounds, Relic Ruins, and other challenges scattered across the map.

Assuming you’ve finished the main story, you’re ready to collect the mightiest armaments. Here are five of Aloy’s most powerful possible weapons and how to obtain them:

5. The Skykiller

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Weapons (Skykiller)

The Skykiller spike thrower lives up to its name – it’s undisputedly the best of its kind available. This five-coil legendary punctures foes with unrivaled force, boasting quick cooldown and extra aerial damage. Combined with the Powershots Valor Surge and Splitting Spike techniques, it’s a ruthlessly efficient machine shredder.

To claim it, head to Legacy’s Landfall and speak to the woman on the boat to activate “The Way Home” side quest. Completing this lengthy mission finally rewards the Skykiller. The arduous journey is worth this weapon’s peerless strength.

4. The Blast Forge

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Weapons (The Blast Forge)

For tackling massive beasts, the Blast Forge boltblaster can’t be beat. It complements the Skykiller perfectly when facing formidable boss-sized quarry. To earn this heavy hitter, collect 80 medals at the Maw of the Arena, then trade them with the merchant just south of Scalding Spear.

3. Forgefall

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Weapons (Forgefall)

Long-range fighters will covet Forgefall, the most potent Sharpshot Bow around. This sniper-style legendary turns distant foes into easy prey. It’s costly at 54 medals, but the unmatched precision and damage justify the steep price.

2. Death-Seeker’s Shadow 

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Weapons (Death Seekers Shadow)

That same merchant also offers Death-Seeker’s Shadow, one of the mightiest Hunter Bows, for 80 medals. This versatile weapon overwhelms enemies with massive damage and even turns their own machines against them temporarily. Another sound medal investment.

1. Ancestor’s Return

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Weapons (Ancestor's Return)

But the crown jewel of legendary gear is the Ancestor’s Return Shredder Gauntlet. Its level-5-upgraded deals insane acid and shock devastation through its boomerang projectiles while also sports five mod slots.

Collect the nine Ornaments from the “Night of Lights” side quest in Dunehollow and elsewhere. Turning them into Stemmur nets the priceless Ancestor’s Return along with other rewards.

In Horizon Forbidden West, gear is everything for surviving the frontier. These five legendary weapons represent the pinnacle of combat power. Maxing them out takes dedication and skill, but they transform Aloy into a true machine-destroying avenger. The long quest to obtain them is a small price for that kind of strength. The positive feedbacks of these remarkable weapons can hopefully persuade Guerrilla Games to bring them in the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5, surprising Aloy’s lovers to explore in the lovely traditional map while having these capabilities.

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Horizon Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.

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