Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Valor Surges

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Valor Surges
Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Valor Surges

The highly potent Valor Surges in Horizon Forbidden West can instantly change the course of battle. There are 12 Valor Surges to find and improve, split evenly across the game’s 6 specialisation trees: Warrior, Trapper, Hunter, Survivor, Infiltrator, and Machine Master. Although every Valor Surge has advantages, some abilities stand out as particularly impactful. Here are the top Valor Surges in Forbidden West.


Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Valor Surges (Power Shots)

Aloy’s weapon of choice is undoubtedly the bow, so the Powershots Valor Surge is a fantastic pick. This skill in the Hunter tree boosts damage for a set number of ranged weapon shots.

Upgrading Powershots to maximum grants 5 powered shots, doubling ranged damage, regenerating 25% concentration per hit, and without using up ammo. For bow-wielding Aloy, this is an invaluable ability.

Ranged Master

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Valor Surges (Ranged Master)

As an adept ranged fighter, Aloy further hones her skills with Ranged Master. Another Hunter tree Valor Surge, this temporarily increases ranged weapon damage. It’s perfect when Aloy faces multiple foes.

A level 3 Ranged Master lasts 90 seconds, dealing 60% extra ranged damage, 40% more ranged technique damage, 200% stamina regen, and restoring 10% health per hit. Moreover, machine kills with ranged attacks explode in a 5m shock radius with 225 buildup and 150 damage.

Melee Might

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Valor Surges (Melee Might)

Although Aloy excels at range, direct melee combat is sometimes unavoidable. Melee Might, from the Warrior tree, is indispensable here. Automatically unlocked at level 1 after acquiring key spear skills, Melee Might enhances close-quarters combat by adding a damage-boosting spear module.

Fully upgraded, this lasts 50 seconds with a 300% melee boost and unlimited spear energy. The colossal damage can easily knock down enemies.

Stealth Stalker

Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Valor Surges (Stealth Stalker)

Stealth is crucial in Forbidden West for swiftly eliminating unaware enemies. Stealth Stalker, from the Infiltrator tree, enhances this approach. Turning Aloy invisible and silent, attacking or using Silent Strike briefly disables the valor surge.

At maximum, it deals 200% bonus Silent Strike damage, 50% extra unaware enemy damage, and restores 30 Valor per stealth kill.


Horizon Forbidden West, Top 5 Best Valor Surges (Toughened)

Machines can rapidly deplete Aloy’s health, so Toughened is invaluable. From the Survivor tree, it regenerates health and grants damage resistance.

At level 3, it restores 80 health every 2 seconds, with 35% melee resistance, 50% crushed resistance, and full deafened and blinded Resistances.

The powerful Valor Surges in Horizon Forbidden West can dramatically alter battles when used wisely, and they can also be more exciting if added in the next possible Horizon VR game. Focusing on abilities that complement your playstyle is key. With clever use of surges like Powershots, Ranged Master, Melee Might, Stealth Stalker and Toughened, Aloy can overcome any challenge.

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Horizon Forbidden West is available on PS4 and PS5.

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