What to Expect from the Upcoming Horizon Multiplayer

What to Expect from the Upcoming Horizon Multiplayer
What to Expect from the Upcoming Horizon Multiplayer

Exciting developments suggest Guerrilla Games is hard at work on a highly anticipated multiplayer component for their acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. Recent job listings for roles like Narrative Director and Online Tech Programmer strongly indicate the studio is pushing to deliver this massive update sooner rather than later. But what exactly can fans expect from a Horizon multiplayer experience?

Mimicking Fortnite and Call of Duty

What to Expect from the Upcoming Horizon Multiplayer (Fortnite)

Naturally, battle royale gameplay springs to mind given the franchise’s sprawling open world and deadly machine creatures. Rather than a confined 5v5 arena, players envision exploring a vast map littered with upgrade materials and equipment to conquer solo or in squads, similar to hits like Fortnite and Call of Duty. The last player standing wins.

This approach would mesh perfectly with Horizon’s core DNA. Stalking through dynamic wilderness teeming with threats like Thunderjaws and Stormbirds creates limitless emergent action. Gathering parts to craft superior weapons and strategically overriding machines to gain an edge over other teams would be especially thrilling.

Co-op Story Missions with Branching Outcomes

However, Guerrilla shouldn’t limit its ambitions to only battle royale. Horizon’s sci-fi universe has room for all sorts of multiplayer modes. A co-op option enabling friends to adventure together against dangerous machines could be fantastic. Or they could craft tense competitive modes around stealth takedowns, bow accuracy, or machine riding races.

RPG elements like leveling up abilities and gear create long-term engagement too. Let players customize their character’s tribe, tools and playstyle. Hide compelling narrative secrets within the world to drive cooperation and exploration. The possibilities are vast.

In-Game Events Keep the Action Fresh

What to Expect from the Upcoming Horizon Multiplayer (Cauldron)

While PvP battles will likely be central, Guerrilla Games should incorporate environments like Cauldrons as social hubs where players can interact, show off gear, plan strategies or access new story quests. A living world populated by real people makes success more rewarding.

Technical challenges for smooth online play exist, but this studio has proven they can push PlayStation hardware to its limits. Focus playtesting will be crucial to balance multiplayer classes, weapons and machines so no one strategy dominates. But with smart design, Horizon’s transition to online play could achieve greatness.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PC and PS4, and Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 and PS5.

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