Horizon Spinoff, Who Is Sylens?

Horizon Spinoff, Who Is Sylens
Horizon Spinoff, Who Is Sylens?

Have you ever thought about a spinoff in Horizon franchise? What could it be?

We always talk about Aloy, her sacrifice, her efforts, her faith in making Elisabet Sobeck’s dream come to reality. There is also someone else who we have some information about. We already know who HE is and what he has already done, but, we don’t exactly know where he is from, and how he got here. Sylens.

Sylens’ Story

Sylens is, after Aloy, the second most influential character in Horizon franchise. This person is one of the Aloy’s main allies, and has been very helpful in many missions she needed assistance. He is actually the first one waking up Aloy, and telling her about her real identity and past.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, Sylens enters the game with an ambiguous voice guiding Aloy on her path. He keeps asking her to reach somewhere on a mountain because she carries something really essential linked to the old ones. Upon first signs of project Zero Dawn, Aloy finally meets Sylens virtually. During the game, Sylens has always been on Aloy’s side giving her a hand to pass the obstacles of solving the enigma the current world is facing. After defeating HADES by his spear, in the last scene, we see him looking at the gigantic Horus, the machine Aloy destroyed in the Burning Shores, while holding HADES.

In Horizon Forbidden West, Sylens was even more cryptic. He keeps concealing himself from Aloy, and she has to deal with the problems all by herself. Until upon saving The Tenakth from Regalla, he sees no more option rather than accepting Aloy’s force to come to her private mountainous base hiding GAIA from The Zeniths.

His Past

Horizon Spinoff, Who Is Sylens?

Apart from lack of adequate data about Sylens’ past, where he was born, what his tribe was, and how he found Aloy, there are two parts of the games in which he acts mysteriously and skips telling Aloy everything:

1) In HZD and the last time Aloy meets Sylens, he starts telling his story about how he found HADES, and what he did for it. However, he once said that I was going to assist HADES and build up The Eclipse for it in exchange of knowledge you can’t even imagine. What knowledge? What he did with that knowledge?

2) In HFW, Sylens invents a device to pass The Zeniths’ shields, leading Aloy to fight and defeat Erik, however he never reveals how he made it: “The intricacies of how is knowledge that is mine alone”. Is this the similar knowledge he acquired from HADES?

It’s difficult to make a final decision about what he actually is; sometimes his character was pretty useful, and sometimes evil.


In conclusion, it will be desperately exciting to produce a Horizon Spinoff related to Sylens, that starts from the very beginning when he was a kid just like Aloy’s childhood, all over the present time when he is still playing an unknown role, in order to fill all the gaps the games currently contain, and to fully figure out who he is and what he is up to.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is available on Windows PC and PS4, and Horizon Forbidden West on only PS4 and PS5.

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