Hidden TLOU Easter Egg Found in Horizon The Burning Shores DLC

Hidden Easter Egg Found in The Burning Shores DLC (Damage)

The Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West contains a fun nod to another PlayStation exclusive, The Last of Us Part 2. This new expansion takes the heroine Aloy to post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, but eagle-eyed players discovered she brought a toy bow straight from TLOU2’s world.

As a continuation after Forbidden West’s main campaign, Burning Shores requires finishing that story to access its content. And note it’s only available on PS5, unlike Horizon’s cross-gen launch.

Toy Bow’s Nostalgic Ties to TLOU2’s Aquarium

Sony studios love sprinkling easter eggs referencing their other titles. Horizon Forbidden West already included small God of War tributes. A Reddit user named AlbusDumbldor spotted Aloy wielding The Last of Us Part 2’s Toy Bow during certain Burning Shores missions.

This harmless cardboard bow can be used in TLOU2’s aquarium flashback sequence. The Toy Bow fittingly uses Toy Arrows for ammo, crafted from common materials.

Hidden Easter Egg Found in The Burning Shores DLC (BOW)

It’s just a fun weapon in the expansion, not literally suggested for taking down machines. They seemed unaware it actually referenced Naughty Dog’s acclaimed title. But the Toy Bow likely isn’t the only PlayStation easter egg buried in Horizon’s latest adventures. Fans will surely uncover more fun cross-over surprises, as they expressed delight at this unexpected item.

Of course, while the Toy Bow offers some laughs, Burning Shores also introduces impressive new Legendary weapons. Some come from vendors, others as quest rewards. But their hefty resource costs, like 3000 Metal Shards and Brimshine, make upgrading difficult.

This charming The Last of Us Part 2 reference is just one of many details expanding Horizon’s world. It exemplifies how easter eggs when done creatively deepen connections between titles.

These playful winks reward fans of PlayStation’s franchises with unexpected moments of joy. Here’s hoping Guerrilla Games has many more cross-over references up their sleeves! Horizon’s post-apocalyptic future brims with potential for imaginative links to other Sony classics.

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Horizon Forbidden West is accessible for PS4 and PS5.

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